Advanced Technology

At Shank Dentistry, offering the highest quality of care is of utmost importance. It’s for this reason that our office has done a great deal of research into the various technologies available and invested in areas that will have the greatest benefit to our patients. With that in mind, we are excited to be able to provide our patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

A Dental X-ray Revealing Fillings | Dentist Perry Township
Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays provide unsurpassed image quality while dramatically reducing the radiation exposure necessary for effective diagnosis. Digital dental x-rays use up to 90% less radiation to achieve a high-resolution image instantly.

Dental x-rays allow us to diagnose decay, infection, and other dental conditions in their earliest stages when those conditions are easier to treat. Since decay does not typically cause pain until it is significantly advanced, x-rays are an essential part of our preventive dentistry protocol.

Because no film development is necessary, digital x-rays are better for our environment too!

A 3d Scan of a Person's Jaw and Teeth | Dentist in Perry Township
3-D Cone Beam Imaging

Having a 3-D view of your bone and tooth structure allows us to plan more accurate treatment. Dental implant placement depends on determining the ideal location for your dental implant. With 3-D imaging, we get a detailed view of your bone and can determine precise placement before we even begin your procedure.

Additionally, 3-D imaging can help us with complex extractions such as impacted wisdom teeth and in diagnosing conditions that may not be visible on conventional 2-dimensional x-rays. By planning ahead using 3-D technology, we eliminate any guesswork from your treatment.

A Digital Impression Apparatus and Computer with an Image | Dentist in Perry Township
Digital Impressions

For restorations such as dental crowns, bridges, and implants we can eliminate the need for impression materials. Using a 3-D scanner, we take a series of digital images of your tooth that are compiled into a digital 3-dimensional model, resulting in more accurate restorative dentistry. Our patients really appreciate avoiding gooey impressions and the incredible accuracy of their dental restoration!

An Intra Oral Camera over a White Backdrop | Dentist in Southport
Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a small handheld device that captures photos inside your mouth. Using a digital intraoral camera, we can focus on a single tooth or area and then bring the information up on our screen for you to see.

This small camera is one of the many ways we share information with our patients so that they can make informed decisions about their own oral health.

A 3d Printer in Our Perry Township Dental Office
3D Printing

With the use of digital impressions & 3D modeling, many times we can avoid the messy uncomfortable impressions by using a small scanner to image the teeth & print up models (when necessary) on our 3D printer. The end result is a more comfortable experience for our patients, reduced time sitting in the chair, and an even more accurate impression/model of the teeth. Come in today to see the exciting things going on in the world of 3D digital dentistry!

A Milling Machine | Dentist Southport
In-Office Milling

In an effort to deliver an unparalleled level of care to our patients, Dr. Shank started his own dental lab. While a number of offices have purchased small chairside 4-axis milling units to make specific types of crowns in-house, these machines are very limited in the scope of materials available to the doctor and produce a restoration that is less accurate in its fit. In comparison, our office is using actual commercial lab equipment of the highest quality with a 5-axis mill and 3D printing technology. These tools give us a much wider material selection to be able to provide our patients with the restoration that best fits their specific needs with the same degree of accuracy and precision as would be obtained by commercial labs in a fraction of the time it would take to when being completed by an outside lab. Each restoration is digitally designed, milled, fired, and polished in-house by Dr. Shank.