Bone Grafting in Perry Township

Dental Instruments, Dental Office in Perry Township INTooth loss affects more than just your appearance; it also affects your oral and overall health. Bone loss is common when tooth loss occurs. Since your bone and teeth have a dependent relationship, losing teeth causes your jawbone to recede. Bacteria from periodontal disease also deteriorate bone and weaken the foundation for your teeth. This can be problematic, especially for preserving the integrity of your bite.

A number of dental restorations, such as dental implants, crowns, and bridges, depend upon having healthy bone structure for support. After all, your teeth have a tough job, so their foundation must remain stable. If you lack sufficient bone structure for procedures such as dental implant placement, bone grafting may offer an effective solution.

Bone Grafting Treatment

If you lack sufficient bone to support your necessary dentistry, bone grafts can help to rebuild the quality and width of your bone and make dental implants and other restorations possible. Many times, it is even possible to perform bone grafts simultaneously with an extraction or the placement of an implant, eliminating the need for additional surgery. Planning is key, and we always plan these procedures using the latest 3D imaging technology to ensure an optimal outcome for our patients!

Dr. Shank uses bone grafts as a way to help patients preserve and stabilize their jawbone structure.

How Bone Grafting Works

Several types of bone grafts exist. After a comprehensive examination, Dr. Shank will provide you with options that will work best in your individual case.

Bone grafting requires donor bone, which can be taken from your own body or a donor bank, or even created in a laboratory. After precisely placing the donor bone and anchoring it in place, a healing membrane may be used to hold the graft material in place, promote healing, and keep out bacteria and food particles.

The grafted site takes several months to heal as the donor bone integrates and is converted into your own natural bone. Unlike many of the other items that are implanted into the human body, bone grafts are different. Rather than a foreign material that your body must learn “to get along with”, your body will use the bone graft Dr. Shank places as a scaffold to grow your own bone into the site. Dr. Shank will go over your aftercare instructions and periodically check on your progress before moving ahead with any additional treatment.

Comfortable and Successful Bone Grafting Procedures

With his oral surgery experience, Dr. Shank makes comfortable and effective bone grafting possible, giving you a wider range of dental options to restore and preserve your oral health. In many cases, bone grafting provides an opportunity for patients to have dental implants when they otherwise would not have been possible.

Once we place dental implants, they act as stimulant to preserve bone, much like your natural teeth, and provide many of our patients with effective, long-term solutions to missing teeth. Dental implants give patients the confidence and convenience not found in many other tooth replacement treatments. Well-cared-for dental implants can provide many years of reliable service and beautiful smiles.

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Even if you have been told in the past that you have insufficient bone for dental implants, we encourage you to call and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Kyle Shank. His experience and expertise makes dental implants possible for many patients each year.

Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you to our Perry Township IN dental office.