Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Wanting a beautiful, white smile is natural since your smile is often the first impression you make on the world. Patients who are conscientious about how they look often want to protect their health, as well. After all, health and beauty go hand-in-hand!

Professional teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. It can take years off your appearance by removing stains from the enamel on your teeth.

Is dental whitening safe? The short answer is yes! Teeth whitening does not change the structure or health of your teeth, but simply bleaches away years of coffee, tobacco, and stains from colorful foods.

Where The Myth Comes From

Most professional teeth whitening systems use a peroxide solution to lighten and remove stains. Some patients do experience mild side effects such as sensitivity or gum irritation. This is sometimes from using the product in a way that is not directed.

Too much whitening gel, wearing your trays for too long or whitening too frequently can all cause mild discomfort. Simply take a break from whitening and allow the sensitivity to subside. When you resume treatment, make sure you follow the instructions precisely.

Patients who suffer from gum recession also have a higher occurrence of sensitivity. A desensitizing gel or fluoride treatment can help reduce those symptoms.

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