What can I expect during my dental exam?

Because we believe in taking care of our patients’ oral health, you might find that our dental exams are more inclusive than others you’ve had in the past.

Before Dr. Shank even gets started, he will give you time to discuss any changes or concerns you have with your oral health. This is also a great time to inform us of any changes to your medical health, as they are closely related. If you would like to improve the appearance of your smile, we’d love to hear about that too.

Dr. Kyle Shank will perform a full exam of your teeth and gums. He will also evaluate how your teeth come together and look for signs of clenching and grinding, which can severely damage your teeth when left untreated.

Dr. Shank will then evaluate your jaw joints to identify any clicking, popping, or locking, which can indicate a jaw condition known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

The Importance Of X-Rays

Diagnostic x-rays are an important part of the diagnosis process. Once Dr. Shank completes your exam and reviews your x-rays, he will discuss any conditions that you should be aware of, along with all of your treatment options, so you can make an informed choice regarding your oral health and wellness.

If you want a dentist in Indianapolis that works with you to achieve and maintain optimum oral health, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.