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Why Choose Shank Dentistry

At Shank Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care at every life stage, but we know that is only part of what makes our relationships with our patients great. We treat our patients with highly personalized care and value the long-term relationships that we develop. We want you to feel important while you are with us because you are!

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Are You Accepting New Patients?

Dentist Indianapolis, INWe get this question with somewhat surprising regularity.  We are always thrilled to accept great new patients.  A great new patient isn't necessarily someone who loves the thought of coming to the dentist or someone with perfect teeth.  A great new patient is someone who has a desire to either maintain or improve their health and/or smile.  Whether that's someone with with no fear of the dentist or someone who requires sedation for a routine cleaning, or whether you have major concerns about your oral health or just need to make sure you're staying on track, give us a call.  We look forward to meeting you!