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Do dental implants hurt?

A diagram of a dental implant | Perry Township dental implants Any time you think of someone poking around in your mouth, fears of pain may come to mind. After all, those tissues are so delicate! Some patients have bad memories from childhood experiences that may hold them back from their necessary dental care. Modern dental procedures and anesthetic, however, truly do make dentistry a pain-free experience when managed by an experienced dentist.

Dental implants require surgery, but there is no reason you should feel pain. Dr. Shank is extremely gentle and makes patient comfort a top priority. He effectively applies adequate anesthetic to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

If you are a patient who has difficulty getting and staying numb, you are not alone! Anxiety can make achieving the full effects of anesthetic difficult for some people. By calming your anxiety with sedation dentistry, you can enjoy the full effects of anesthetic and experience pain-free dentistry.

While the idea of having a foreign object placed into the bone sounds incredibly painful, someone who is experienced in placing implants can complete the procedure with no pain during the appointment and only minor post-operative soreness in the days following the procedure. Most of our patients say that their dental implant experience was much easier than they anticipated. They do not have pain during treatment and any discomfort following treatment can typically be treated effectively with over-the-counter pain medication.

Don’t let fear keep you from having the healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted. If you have concerns about pain, let us know so that we can address your concerns and be sure you don’t feel a thing. For more information, contact Shank Center for Dentistry today!

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