Emergency Dentistry in Perry Township

Dental emergencies in Perry Township INDental emergencies never seem to happen at convenient times.  At Shank Dentistry, we understand that toothaches are quite painful and broken teeth can certainly be a social embarrassment.  Keeping this in mind, we always make it a point to ensure we are able to see emergencies as soon as possible.  We never want our patients to wait in pain with a toothache, and so we make every effort to work emergencies into our schedule that same day, even when that means staying late or working through lunch.

Is It Serious?

Dental infections can be quite serious, potentially even life-threatening, and in certain situations can progress very quickly.  In the event of swelling, either inside the mouth or outside the mouth, it is extremely important to be seen as soon as possible.  In such situations sometimes antibiotics may be required as the first step in treatment.  Other times immediate intervention (such as removing the source of the infection) is necessary.  With our advanced imaging equipment and over a decade of experience treating a variety of dental emergencies, you can be assured that Dr. Shank is ready and able to alleviate pain and address whatever dental emergency may present itself.  If you experience a dental problem that falls into one of these categories, please contact our office immediately!

  • Significant trauma
  • Consistent unbearable pain that is not alleviated by over-the-counter medications
  • Visible swelling
  • Significant bleeding
  • If you believe you may have fractured your jaw, you need to be seen by the Emergency Department at your closest hospital as soon as possible!

Types of Emergency Cases

Some emergencies present from a variety of sources of trauma as well.  Whether it’s a tooth lost during a fall on the playground at school, a chipped tooth while eating lunch, or severe oral trauma from an automobile accident, Dr. Shank has experience in treating a wide variety of trauma cases.  In addition to our expertise in the clinical treatment of trauma cases, we also have experience in how to handle these cases through medical insurance to help our patients get access these benefits to reduce their out-of-pocket costs.


Many dental situations while uncomfortable or annoying aren’t true emergencies, so try not to panic.  Please call our office at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment so we can get the situation addressed.  These non-emergency situations may include:

  • A crown or a filling falling out that may be a little uncomfortable but is not truly painful
  • A chipped tooth or crown that is not painful
  • Minor dental discomfort that is more annoying than painful

An Ounce Of Prevention…

While we are here to address emergencies, we would love to help you avoid pain and discomfort before it starts!  Coming in to see us every 6 months for routine cleanings and exams and annual cavity-detection x-rays can help identify potential issues while they are still small, before they have a chance to progress much more serious issues, is the best way to avoid a dental emergency.  Not only does this help avoid a surprise toothache, it can also avoid more costly dental treatment.  A small cavity that can be fixed with a routine filling if left untreated and allowed to grow can progress to the point where a root canal and crown or even a dental implant and crown are required to restore a person to full-function.  Help us help you to avoid painful and more costly dental procedures by maintaining your oral health!