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Teeth Whitening in Two Steps

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Teeth whitening is our most popular cosmetic treatment because it is a fast and affordable way to revitalize a dull-looking smile. At Shank Dentistry, we offer a two-step whitening process to help achieve a whiter smile and maintain it for many years to come.

By combining both our in-office whitening system with our custom take-home whitening system, the results you see will be yours for as long as you maintain it. Don’t forget that a dental cleaning before you begin will be the best way to whiten your teeth. Your hygienist will polish away surface stains and tartar that can interfere with the whitening process.

In-Office Whitening

Choosing to kick-start the whitening process by starting with in-office treatment allows you to walk out the door with a significantly brighter smile on the same day. We will apply a protective barrier to your gums before spreading professional strength whitening gel to the surface of your teeth.

We will let the gel do its job for twenty minutes before removing it. We can repeat this process up to three times during one appointment.

Take-Home Whitening

Our custom take-home system not only gives you the opportunity to continue the whitening process at home, but it also gives you the power to touch up your smile any time it starts to look dull or stained.

We will take impressions of your teeth and use them to make models so we can fabricate custom whitening trays. You will also receive whitening gel to keep your smile looking bright. If you run out, we carry a range of teeth whitening products in our Indianapolis dental office.

By touching up your teeth as needed, you will be able to maintain a bright smile for a lifetime. A whiter smile can significantly enhance your appearance and self-confidence. For more information, contact our dental office today!

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