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Snoring and Gasping: Do You Know These Signs of Sleep Apnea?

a woman plugs her ears next to her snoring husband | Indianapolis IN sleep apnea treatment

Breathing is natural and for many people, it happens without stress or strain. For others, however, nighttime breathing can be a genuine struggle for one of the very necessities of life – air.

Your snoring partner may make you want to run from the room for quiet refuge on the couch. First, be sure to look for the signs of sleep apnea. Your observations could save your partner’s life.

  • Loud snoring with intermittent pauses
  • Gasping or catching the breath during sleep
  • Mood changes – increases in depression or irritability
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Fatigue after eight hours of sleep

The only way to find out if you or your partner suffers from sleep apnea is to seek a referral for a sleep study from an accredited sleep clinic. Sleep studies occur either at home or in an overnight clinic.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, we offer effective treatment in our Indianapolis dental office. Many of our patients have achieved a better night’s sleep without the negative impact of sleep apnea and without a cumbersome CPAP machine.

Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine approves of oral appliances for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea. They can also be used in conjunction with CPAP therapy for severe cases requiring multiple modalities of treatment.

Oral appliances gentle reposition the lower jaw to remove excess tissue from the back of the throat and opens the airway. Oral appliances lead to restorative sleep necessary to every system of the body and a quieter slumber for both partners.

Treating sleep apnea can save your life and improve your quality of life by giving you a restful night’s sleep in your bed rather than on the couch.

Contact Shank Dentistry to learn more about sleep apnea treatment in the Indianapolis area. 

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