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When a Dental Bridge Is the Right Option for You

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With all of the hype surrounding dental implants these days, you might have forgotten that other options exist to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges remain a popular choice in our Southport area dental office, especially in a few specific circumstances.

You Want to Avoid Dental Implant Surgery

Some patients would prefer an alternative to dental implants specifically because they prefer to avoid surgical procedures. While dental implants are the gold standard of teeth replacement options, they do require surgery, which means time to heal.

A dental bridge provides outstanding esthetics and keeps your remaining teeth from drifting out of alignment. Dr. Kyle Shank creates gorgeous porcelain bridges that look like your natural teeth.

Medical Conditions Limit Your Options

Certain medications and ill health might increase your risk when it comes to dental implant surgery. If you prefer a less invasive way to complete your smiles, a dental bridge is both reliable and attractive.

Since Dr. Shank has a keen eye for detail and is a stickler for picture-perfect dentistry, no one will know you have a bridge. You will have your smile back without the complications caused by osteoporosis medication and lingering health issues.

You Want Nearly Instant Results

Dental implants can take around four months, or even longer, from extraction to final restoration. If you prefer a faster way to complete your dentistry, a dental bridge can do the trick.

Aside from a short wait time for the dental lab to create your custom dental bridge, you can expect to fill the gap in your smile within about a month.

For more information about partial dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges in the Southport area, contact Shank Dentistry to schedule an exam with Dr. Shank. He will find the tooth-replacement option that works well for your timeline and your oral health.

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