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What a Dental Bridge Can Do for You

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With all of the talk of dental implants, patients who need or want an alternative may forget that dental bridges can also complete the smile and that they have done so for many decades. We create gorgeous dental bridges in our Indianapolis dental office.

What Can a Dental Bridge Do for You?

If you have medical conditions that prevent you from having jaw surgery, or if you want to avoid implant surgery, dental bridges may be the answer for your missing teeth. We offer modern dental bridges in our Indianapolis dental office to give you your smile back.

Replace missing teeth — A dental bridge fills in the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. The number of teeth a bridge can replace is limited, depending on how much force will be absorbed by the bridge when chewing or biting into food. While some dietary restrictions (hard or sticky foods) can limit what you can eat, most patients find that they have a better diet with a dental bridge than without one.

Keep teeth from shifting — By filling the gap in your smile, your remaining natural teeth will remain in place rather than shifting or tilting, which can lead to bite-related problems.

Add confidence to your smile — No other dental condition has such a dramatic impact on the appearance of the smile as tooth loss. Feeling self-conscious about smiling gives off a false impression about who you really are. A dental bridge allows you to smile with confidence by eliminating unsightly spaces.

Make it easier to speak — Speaking with missing teeth can sound lispy or cause speech changes that make it difficult for people to understand you.

Do you want more information about dental bridges? Contact our Perry Township dental office to learn more about how to replace missing teeth.


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