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The Components of a Dental Crown

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You have made your way to your dentist only to find that you need a dental crown to repair your tooth. If this is the first time you need a dental crown, you might be wondering what precisely the crown consists of and what the procedure might entail.

Crowns are typically made of porcelain, porcelain and metal, or full gold varieties, depending on the health of the bite and what that patient prefers.

Dental Crowns Replace Damaged Enamel

At our Indianapolis, IN dental office, we create dental crowns made of tooth-colored materials whenever possible to minimize the effect that the dental crown has on your smile. A crown, sometimes called a cap, fits directly over your tooth structure to reinforce it and replace any damaged enamel caused by decay, fracture, or wear.

Dental Crowns Blend in with Your Smile

Modern dental crowns are not a single color; rather they are shaded to blend in with the natural appearance of teeth. Not only does the color match, but porcelain has a similar translucency as enamel for a restoration that blends in and looks uniform.

Dr. Kyle Sahnk will design your dental crown to the specifications that you and he discuss, and if it is a cosmetic case, you can plan your new smile together.

Dental Crowns to Restore Worn Teeth

Worn down teeth happen because of a nighttime teeth grinding habit. You might not realize that you grind your teeth at night, but your dentist will be able to identify the signs, which include bite marks on the inside of the cheeks, fractures and chips on the enamel of the teeth, and small fractures at the gumline, called abfractions. As a patient, you might notice sensitive teeth, headaches, and facial or jaw pain.

Dental crowns can restore the size and shape, giving patients the ability to chew comfortably again.

If you are in Indianapolis, IN and need a dental crown or think that crowns might be an opportunity for you to have your smile back, give us a call to learn more.


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