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Broken Tooth: To Crown or Not to Crown?

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We hear about broken teeth a lot. Patients will contact us and explain that they were eating something normal, not particularly hard at all, and crunch. Suddenly they have a broken tooth because of a bagel, sandwich, or other relatively harmless food. Most of the time, patients want to know if they need to come by our Springfield, IL practice for a dental crown.

When You Need a Dental Crown

A broken tooth can hurt, or you may feel no pain at all. It depends on the severity of the fracture. One thing is for certain; leaving a broken tooth untreated can lead to more fractures and even tooth loss. Compromised enamel also means that you might face an increased risk of decay.

We generally recommend dental crowns for the following reasons, though a full exam will be necessary to determine how to best treat you personally.

  • A fractured, cracked, or broken molar
  • A split tooth, or one with multiple cracks
  • A root canal treated tooth
  • A tooth that absorbs much of the chewing or biting forces
  • A tooth that broke because of a large filling
  • A deeply decayed tooth

In some cases, a filling or dental bonding can seal the tooth. If, however, it is a tooth that is near the back of the mouth, where most chewing occurs, a dental crown will be your best bet. We also recommend dental crowns for fractured teeth for patients that have a bruxism, or clenching and grinding habit.

Tooth-Colored Dental Crowns

We choose dental crowns that look like natural teeth and will blend in with the smile. In some rare cases, patients may be bettered served with a full gold crown, but in most cases, porcelain is the best choice because of their superior esthetics. Contact our Perry Township, IN dental office to book an appointment with Dr. Kyle Shank. He will help you find the solution that gives you confidence and a beautiful smile.

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