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5 Signs That Might Mean You Have Gum Disease

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If you have been tuned into the health news lately, chances are that the link between gum disease and overall health has registered on your radar. If you suspect you have gum disease but you are not sure, here are five signs you can look for, which indicate infection.

Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath associated with gum disease is not the typical bad breath that occurs because of coffee or food choices. Bad breath caused by gum disease, often called halitosis, can smell particularly foul as it comes from the bacteria in your gums. Chewing gum and mints only mask the odor, and it will likely worsen without treatment.

Pink in the Sink

If you scratched an itch on your arm and it began to bleed, you would likely feel alarmed! The same consideration should be paid to your gums. Brushing and flossing healthy gums does not lead to bleeding, or pink in the sink. Bleeding occurs because of an active infection.

This is often the first sign that you could benefit from a professional dental cleaning and a preventive treatment plan.

Gum Inflammation

Healthy gums typically appear pink and hug tightly around your teeth. When you have gum disease, your gum tissue may appear swollen or red and aggravated.

Gum Recession

If you notice that the roots of your teeth are exposed, you may suffer from gum disease. If you have ever heard the saying, long in the tooth, it can indicate old age or ill-health. It occurs with gum recession, as teeth begin to look elongated due to exposed roots. Gum recession can lead to sensitivity and tooth loss.

Painful Gums

A burning or painful sensation in the gums may mean a medical condition, or it could mean that you have gum disease. Only a comprehensive exam can determine the underlying cause of your condition.

If you suspect you need periodontal treatment from an experienced dentist in the Indianapolis area, we welcome you to join our dental family. We can help you back on track with your oral health, even if it has been a long time since you visited the dentist.

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