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Need an Extraction? Why You Shouldn't Put Off Care

Dental Extractions in Indianapolis IN

Dr. Shank only recommends an extraction when all other treatment is impossible. This might be because the tooth is too diseased or damaged or because your remaining natural teeth are at risk.

Losing natural teeth has some pretty serious repercussions to your oral health and appearance.

Problems caused by tooth loss include:

  • Bone loss due to resorption
  • Shifting and bite misalignment
  • Exposed roots and sensitivity
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gaps in the smile

When necessary, we will recommend tooth-replacement treatment that will address many of these problems.

What Happens When You Put Off a Dental Extraction?

Typically, if you need a dental extraction, your damaged tooth is an immediate concern. If you avoid treatment, you can literally put your oral health and overall health in jeopardy.

Infection – Infections occur because of bacteria. A deep cavity, periodontal disease, or diseased pulp can lead to an infection. As with all infections, they can spread. That may mean that an untreated condition can spread to your other teeth or even the rest of your body.

Emergency dentistry – Dental emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. Emergency dentistry appointments can disrupt work responsibilities, cause missed classes, and even postpone a long-awaited vacation. By putting off your extraction appointment, you are increasing the likelihood that you will experience a dental emergency.

Pain – No one likes pain, and tooth pain is an incredibly uncomfortable experiences. When we recommend a dental extraction, it is because your tooth is beyond repair. Waiting may result in infection moving into your nerve or decay fracturing your tooth.

Postponing good health – If you need a dental implant or bridge to replace your missing tooth, you are putting off your own healthy smile.

We are here to make the dental extraction experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. We encourage you to take care of your dental conditions in a timely fashion, and we are committed to providing you with the gentle and high-quality dental care you deserve.

For more information about dental extractions, give our Indianapolis dental office a call. Don’t let tooth pain linger because it is an indication that something is wrong. We are here to help.

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