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Why Repairing Your Tooth with a Crown Is a Smart Move

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Patchwork dentistry is something we try to avoid at Shank Dentistry. Rather than placing large fillings, which can destabilize a broken or deeply decayed tooth, we often recommend dental crowns for our Southport and Indianapolis patients.

Why Are Crowns So Popular?

When you break a tooth or have a deep cavity, the enamel surrounding your tooth and providing protection to the underlying nerve becomes unstable. As a result, your tooth could continue to break down from the regular forces of chewing or from a teeth grinding habit. Placing a tooth-colored filling only seals the tooth to keep out bacteria and food particles.

A crown, on the other hand, completely encases the tooth, like a protective helmet. Often called caps, dental crowns seal the tooth and cover it completely. Durable porcelain is sturdy and will prevent the tooth from crumbling or splitting.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Teeth grinding can wear down teeth, causing them to become short looking and aged. Dental crowns are a solution to restore the appearance of the tooth and the bite, making it more comfortable to chew.

Dental crowns are a vital restoration in full mouth rehabilitation cases where we repair worn and damaged teeth to restore the beauty and function of the smile.

How Dental Crowns Work

Getting a dental crown is easy. Dr. Kyle Shank will first prepare your tooth, removing damaged and decayed tooth structure in addition to reshaping the tooth to create enough space for the dental crown to fit comfortably with nearby and opposing teeth.

He will then take an impression of the tooth and determine the correct shade and color to match your smile. Our trusted dental lab will design and fabricate your crown while a temporary restoration covers your tooth until we receive your final restoration.

Give us a call to learn more about protecting your teeth with durable, tooth-colored dental crowns.

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