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Ready for a New Smile? What to Expect from a Smile Makeover

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Teeth are susceptible to many forces – clenching, grinding, and neglect. All of which can take a toll on your appearance and make teeth feel uncomfortable.

When teeth are severely damaged, patients might choose a whole new look through a smile makeover or full-mouth restorations.

If you are seeking a cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. Kyle Shank will give you excellent results that look beautiful and last a long time.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Restoring teeth is not just about how they look. A worn or damaged bite can cause jaw problems, feel sensitive, and even make it difficult to eat in addition to the many social impacts of a damaged smile.

Teeth clenching and grinding, neglect, lack of access to dental care, drug use, certain medications, and trauma can transform a once beautiful smile into something you don’t recognize and don’t like.

Dr. Shank will look at the entire oral system including teeth, gums, bite, jaw function, and esthetics. He will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and any discomfort you have before organizing a cosmetic and restorative treatment plan that helps you have the smile you deserve.

Treating Conditions First

Surgery and dental restorations should wait until conditions such as decay and periodontal disease are eliminated. Dr. Shank and our hygiene team will help you get back on track by reducing the bacteria in your mouth. This will give you better results and prevent the spread of infection.

If you choose to have bonding, veneers, crowns, or teeth replacement with implants or bridges, it is a good idea to whiten your teeth before we begin for an overall lighter result. Your dental restorations will match your natural teeth, so starting with a color you like is essential.

To learn more about how cosmetic dentistry is changing lives, contact our Indianapolis, IN dental office to sit down with Dr. Shank to find out more about all of the new modern dentistry techniques.

You are a phone call away from taking charge of your oral health and feeling great about the way you look.

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