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Choosing Drinks for a Healthier Smile

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When it comes to your teeth, drinks can be as problematic as the foods we consume. Many of the most popular drinks actually harm teeth in a dramatic way either by staining them or causing decay.

Here are some of the most problematic drinks to avoid if you want a white, healthy smile:

Coffee and Tea

Not only do coffee and tea stain teeth, they are also high in acid, which can soften your enamel and make it easier for bacteria to cause a cavity. If you use sugar in your coffee and tea, it is even more damaging.

Do you still want to enjoy your coffee and tea? Brush your teeth afterward to remove stains and the acid that can cause decay.

Soda and Energy Drinks

Soda and energy drinks are often high in sugar and acid. Studies have even found that sugar-free options may still damage teeth because of their acidity. It’s best to keep these drinks to a minimum because they are empty calories, but have plenty of negative effects on the body.

Red Wine

We would never suggest that you can’t occasionally enjoy a glass of red wine, but it is good to know that depending on the color intensity, red wine can have a pretty dark impact on the smile. Red wine often leaves yellow or brownish stains behind, especially on newly whitened teeth. Fortunately, we can polish these away at your regular dental cleaning appointment and make custom teeth whitening trays for your teeth to remain white.

What to Drink?

Of course, water is always your best option. It keeps the mouth from drying out and helps with the functioning of every system in the body.

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