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5 Cosmetic Issues Best Fixed with Veneers

Cosmetic Issues Fixed with Veneers | Shank Center for Dentistry

A quick fix isn’t always possible, and beautiful dentistry takes a fair amount of planning. That being said, one treatment can address a number of cosmetic dental issues at once.

Porcelain veneers provide our patients with beautiful smiles using cosmetic dentistry in our Indianapolis, IN dental office.

Here are some of the cosmetic issues we can address using custom porcelain veneers:

Deep or stubborn stains – Some stains will not yield to traditional teeth whitening methods, and as your other teeth become brighter, the stains may even stand out more. Porcelain veneers correct this problem with a simple solution – they cover stains completely.

Misalignment – While porcelain veneers do not correct misalignment of your teeth, they can correct the appearance of misalignment. Patients appreciate the ability to correct this issue, especially those with an off-center midline or patients with gaps between their teeth.

Short or worn teeth – Years of teeth grinding can make your teeth look worn down, sheared away, or straight all across your smile. A healthier and more attractive smile has teeth of varying lengths. Porcelain veneers restore the natural appearance of your teeth.

Chipped or damaged teeth – An accident, sports, or bruxism (clenching and grinding) can chip and crack your teeth, making them look worn and jagged. Porcelain veneers cover the front of your natural tooth, restoring the appearance and, in many cases, reducing sensitivity.

Irregular teeth – When you look in the mirror, does it seem like your teeth do not match? We are not all lucky enough to be born with a perfectly matched set of teeth. Veneers can give you that look, however, and it can happen in as little as two appointments.

Dr. Shank offers gorgeous, durable, and natural-looking cosmetic dentistry here in our Indianapolis dental office. Call us to set up a consultation with him. He will let you know if porcelain veneers will be the right treatment to improve your smile.