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5 Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

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When seeking cosmetic dentistry in the Indianapolis, IN area, you have many choices. One of the main reasons why patients choose to trust Shank Dentistry with their new smiles is the care and precision that Dr. Kyle Shank exercises when it comes to esthetic improvements.

Crowns Prolong the Life of Your Teeth

Fillings are fine when it comes to sealing a small cavity. Larger decay and damage needs a more stable solution, however. Dental crowns completely cover your tooth and support it when you chew. Crowns can prolong the life of your natural tooth and prevent the need for an extraction and replacement with more expensive treatments.

Custom Crowns Fit Better

At our dental office, we create each individual crown on a case-by-case basis in Dr. Shank's on-site lab. No two crowns are alike because no two people are alike. They not only fill the gap in your smile, but also fit well with opposing teeth.

Porcelain Is Durable

We believe in creating dentistry that is a good value. That means that we need to use durable materials because the jaw exerts an enormous amount of pressure when chewing. 

If you have a clenching and grinding habit, your dentistry can really take a beating while you sleep. While we use some of the strongest ceramics available, wearing a nightguard will add protection. (Ask us how we can can make a custom nightguard 3D printed for you with no impressions!)

They Look Natural

Porcelain crowns match the appearance of your surrounding teeth. They do not look fake and even the shading is very lifelike. Custom shading options are virtually limitless and when you smile, no one will notice you have a dental crown.

Porcelain Crowns Are Part of a Smile Makeover

If you want to improve your smile, we can remove old, dark dentistry and replace it with porcelain crowns designed to be comfortable, protect your teeth, and look beautiful when you show off your new smile. We offer all types of cosmetic dentistry, so you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

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