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At Shank Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care at every life stage, but we know that is only part of what makes our relationships with our patients great. We treat our patients with highly personalized care and value the long-term relationships that we develop. We want you to feel important while you are with us because you are!

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How Long Should a Crown Last?

Crowns for upper front teeth on a 3D printed model
We get this question all the time. We understand that for most people a crown is not an insignificant expense, so it’s only natural to want to know how long this investment will continue to function. About a week ago, a member of my extended family who lives out of state contacted me with this question because his dentist was cementing a new crown in his mouth and told him that he should expect to need the crown replaced in about 8 years. I’m always concerned when I hear comments such as this because I feel like planning the timeline for the failure of a crown or filling the moment ...

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Don't Let Tooth Decay Damage Your Child's Future

Though dental decay is completely preventable, it is the most common childhood disease. It’s not just a problem for kids, however. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 20 percent of adults also deal with decayed teeth. Getting kids started early with healthy habits and a good dental care routine can protect their teeth for a lifetime.Fluoridation in WaterA naturally occurring mineral, fluoride reduces the instances of childhood decay by up to 40 percent. Of course, fluoride in your drinking water is not enough to eliminate decay. That requires some diligence with oral care.Brushing and FlossingKids are great, but if they feel they are being forced to ...

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If You Smoke and Want a Dental Implant, You Need to Know These Details

periodontal treatment indianapolis
If you smoke, you know that it’s bad for your health. Smoking is an addiction and can be a tough habit to give up, especially if someone close to you smokes. Smoking has a negative impact on your oral health in a number of ways:Increased risk of gum diseaseIncreases risk of oral cancerCauses dry mouthStains teethChoosing to smoke will require you to take even better care of your teeth than a non-smoker. If you want to learn more, we offer periodontal treatment in our Indianapolis dental office and can share some tips and products to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.Smoking and Dental ImplantsRecently, a study published ...

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Soft Drinks = Sugar Water

dentist perry township indiana
So much information about a healthy diet finds its way onto your news feed in the pamphlets in your doctor’s office. One overlooked area of the average diet is how beverages and our choices about what we drink can affect both oral and overall health.With designer coffee drinks, energy boosting beverages, and multi-colored sodas in every flavor possible, it’s easy for sugar to find its way into an otherwise healthy diet.Soda Is Sugar WaterOne 12-ounce can of Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar. That’s more than10 teaspoons of sugar in one can! According to the FDA, that is near the maximum of what the average human should consume in one ...

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Dental Treatment for Sleep Apnea: What You Can Expect

sleep apnea indianapolis
Sleep apnea is a serious matter and if you have recently received a diagnosis, you may have some questions about your future how well you sleep. A CPAP machine can relieve the problem of sleep apnea, but for many people, it creates a host of other issues.Difficulty sleepingUncomfortable maskNoisy CPAP machineDifficulty travelingSleep Apnea Treatment in IndianapolisAt Shank Dental, we offer an alternative to CPAP therapy for patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea. Here is what to expect when you come to use with a sleep apnea diagnosis.Sleep apnea can only be diagnosed through a sleep study at an accredited sleep clinic.CPAP therapy is not your only option. We ...

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What is a Dental Crown Made Of?

Dental Crowns Indianapolis
Currently there are three main types of crowns made with different materials currently used in dentistry today. Here we’ll explain what those three are and the main differences between them.The cast gold crown is what many would consider to be the 'oldest' dental crown in use today. These crowns are made out of a noble or high-noble gold alloy (largely gold, platinum, and palladium, with a few other trace elements added to increase the hardness of the crown to make it more durable). Gold crowns have been used in situations where there is very little tooth structure (because the tooth doesn’t need to be reduced as much to allow for ...

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The Worst Foods and Beverages for Your Oral Health

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When thinking about the health of your smile, brushing and flossing is only one aspect of keeping yourself healthy. Just like the rest of your body, foods and beverages you consume can affect your oral health.Most people know what foods they should be eating, but what about those to avoid? Here are a few of the foods and beverages that take a real toll on the health or appearance of your smile.Energy Drinks and SodaNot only are sodas and energy drinks packed with sugar, but they are also high in acid. This creates a double whammy for your teeth because acidic foods and beverages expedite the decay process.So, choosing those ...

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