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At Shank Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care at every life stage, but we know that is only part of what makes our relationships with our patients great. We treat our patients with highly personalized care and value the long-term relationships that we develop. We want you to feel important while you are with us because you are!

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Smile Gallery

Creating beautiful, healthy smiles is what we do best. We love improving lives by helping others achieve outstanding oral health. Enjoy browsing through some of our patient photos and see what is possible with high-quality dentistry!

We Replaced This Patients Old Fillings With Porcelain Crowns
This patient's front teeth had quite a few old fillings that were breaking down with decay and were stained from tobacco use. The cavities were fixed and the teeth were rebuilt with porcelain/ceramic crowns.
A Smile Restored With New Dentures
This individual presented with an old poorly fitting denture. A new set of teeth that fits well and functions well can make a huge difference!
A Mouth Restored From A Trauma Case: Dental Implants, Root Canals, And Crowns
This patient was thrown from a motorcycle on the freeway and wasn't wearing a helmet that protected her face. Injuries included a fractured upper jaw and multiple broken teeth. Treatment included splinting of the jaw fracture, removal of one of the f...[Read More]