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How Your Oral Health Changes As You Get Older

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As your Perry Township, IN dentist, we care for people at every stage of life and design personalized treatment plans to keep you healthy whether you are a teen, expecting mother, or a senior.

Dental Cleanings and Exams Are More Important Than Ever

Teeth collect more tartar as you age, and your enamel thins as well. Maintaining oral hygiene is important as you age because oral health and your overall health are intimately related. Healthy gums and a decay-free smile will improve your diet and your self-confidence. Older adults are staying active and social longer than ever.

Even if you have dentures, your regular dental visits are still important. We offer oral cancer ...

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5 Signs That Might Mean You Have Gum Disease

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If you have been tuned into the health news lately, chances are that the link between gum disease and overall health has registered on your radar. If you suspect you have gum disease but you are not sure, here are five signs you can look for, which indicate infection.

Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath associated with gum disease is not the typical bad breath that occurs because of coffee or food choices. Bad breath caused by gum disease, often called halitosis, can smell particularly foul as it comes from the bacteria in your gums. Chewing gum and mints only mask the odor, and it will likely worsen without treatment.

Pink in the Sink

If ...

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